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Features of the drug Trenbolone

injectable trenboloneBenefits of using injectable trenbolone:

  • Stable muscle gain.
  • Increase physical abilities several times.
  • Positive effect on the musculoskeletal system.
  • Increased immunity.
  • Effect on fat accumulation.
  • Decreased fatigue threshold.
  • Increased erection.
  • Nutrition of the body with useful substances and a huge amount of energy.
  • Improved metabolism.

* Promotes rapid recovery of the whole organism after long training sessions.

How to calculate the dosage yourself

Beginners and amateurs should exclude health-related contraindications before use, as well as undergo an examination for an allergic reaction. There is a standard dosage that is safe and does not cause negative effects. The drug has a prolonged effect, so you need to inject several times a week. For beginners, 200 mg per week is sufficient, more experienced athletes can increase to 300 mg to a maximum of 400 mg. Increasing the dosage will not bring additional results and can cause a number of hormonal disorders. The course lasts up to 8 weeks, depending on the result and the individual characteristics of the body. Many professional weightlifters use mixes, combining the steroid with other anabolic drugs Testosterone, Methane, Nandrolone.

Trenbolone Enanthate Injection: Contraindications and Side Effects

The main contraindications when taking the drug are hypersensitivity, hypertension, heart failure. Although it is not toxic to the liver, it should also not be taken in acute liver or kidney failure.

If the athlete does not exceed the recommended dosage, trenbolone does not cause critical side effects, the most significant of the possible ones are sleep disturbance, increased aggression, and increased oily skin. At high doses, severe manifestations of acne are possible, as well as androgen-dependent alopecia. The drug has another possible side effect — an increase in blood pressure, so with high blood pressure it is better not to take it, or at least consult a doctor to eliminate the risks.

At high dosages and long-term use, Trenbolone Enanthate Injection is able to have a strong inhibitory effect on the production of its own testosterone. The athlete may not feel it right away, but in the end, if opposing measures are not taken, the consequences will be serious. Here, post-cycle therapy is mandatory, firstly, in order to normalize the level of natural testosterone, and secondly, in order to consolidate the improvements achieved in the growth of strength and mass. We recommend visiting the Forum of our resource if you need advice on this topic.